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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 4, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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dash cam catches an out of control truck up ahead. then -- >> it immediately is engulfed in flames. >> how the lucky driver escaped from the fiery wreckage. small bird sends rescuers on a. >> smokey and the bandit chase. >> see what it takes to save a sparrow from a ceiling. his bike. it's not long before he's got company. find out why getting stopped by a cop takes a surprising turn. happy days, happy days. the adorable baby who has mastered the raspberry.
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>> i will just get a hair cut >> yeah? a prankster grabs the clippers for some public humiliation. see why taking a little off the top definitely does the trick. >> no, no, no. oh my gosh. he looks terrible! [ laughing ] talk about good timing for everyone involved in what you're about to see in this video. the guy is driving in this vehicle with this dash cam captured an accident up ahead. it looks like it's been snowing. the road may be icy, but the truck right up ahead coming in the opposite direction, loses control. swerves. >> holy mother of tom cruise. >> yes! loses control. tips over. crashes into the median. it immediately is engulfed in flames. a black cloud forms over the truck. the car right in front of us immediately starts backing up because you don't know what's going to happen afterward.
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gets, for now. the guys in this truck pull over. they decide they're going to get out and go help the driver of that truck, whom they at this point believe is probably dead. >> that looked like a hollywood explosion. >> yes. >> i have never seen that. >> the guys make it over. the video keeps rolling. you see flames around the truck. and we don't see it in the video, but there is a comment below this video from someone we believe is related to one of the rescuers, says that they were able to pull the driver out of the cabin and save that driver's life. >> it was just a tiny wobble and became a massive incident. >> the other car approaching started to back up. i think it slid for a ways. you could see the smoke stretching longer than the truck is. >> that's the diesel fuel from the truck. >> just how far -- >> running down the road. >> it keeps going like a stunt show at a race way.
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i wish i could be there, because that's my old boyfriend on my imagination. simon cowell from wildlife aid. he is in england and he's gone to a rescue. these people think something is stuck inside their building. he takes a peep up there and says, not a thrush. it is a sparrow. that thing does give him a smokey and the bandit kind of chase. >> i'm going to see if i can move him around. >> there are wires and lines coming down. it's not easy to catch this thing. it's not hurt. it can fly. >> i feel bad for the poor bird. how the heck does it get in that position. >> it can stay up there but eventually it will get hungry. >> they're playing tennis with a sparrow. >> this goes on for a bit of time. finally simon gets himself in one position and just stays
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he said it three, four times in the net but finally when he grabbed it, that's when he secured this bird. >> good news and bad news. got him trapped. i hardly got hold of him without letting him go. how are you doing, little one? >> he thought he would be there up till midnight. they said it took 25 minutes. with wildlife aid they try to release them quickly. this time he took it to the center to let it chill overnight and then released it the next day. light turns green. off he goes! go on a sport bike. fresno, california. gorgeous day. boy, oh boy, does it feel good to pull the throttle. up to the right-hander. light is red. stop. we get the go ahead. around the corner we go. and maybe goose it a little bit. [ accelerating ] >> no big deal.
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he pulls into this parking lot. he's got company. >> good mood so far. >> let's see you slow down. >> you go the it. real deal. >> i know it's a nice day. my first time. >> you got it again southbound and again northbound. >> guilty. >> all right? >> appreciate it. soul train. let me go. happy day, happy day, happy day! >> wow! >> look at that. after that little smile from officer friendly he's like, cheers, fist bump, out. >> the officer chose to use his discretion and offered a friendly warning. the dude here who posts under scooby doo posts the video. loves the officer and loves that he got away with a little slap
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i assure you now that scooby doo with probably be slowing down a little bit. >> yeah! the good old days of home movies. if you saw this, you w be thinking you made a mistake. if you look at the shadow, now today we know this is usually the kick off to the moment where the camera leaps into the sky as this one does right here in the skies of texas. pretty soon after takeoff, anyone else noticing a small issue? >> sounds bad! >> if you look at the video, it's vibrating. usually we're used to seeing the drones, whatever you want to call them, with a stable platform. which is why people put cameras on them. this one, a propeller is loose. >> uh oh. >> up to about 100 the guy claims. but as he goes to stabilize.
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may day, may day. eject, goose, eject! >> oh! >> back in mother texas. staring up at the sky and thinks about what it's done. >> that's an expensive mishap. >> it won't too bad. he said it was a broken prop from the crash and a screw head. >> how durable those things have become. >> the next video proves that exact point. somebody has their drone. rather nice farm. >> definitely a smoother ride. >> for now. look ahead as we're looking toward the power line. may day, may day. catches itself. takes itself back up. saves itself. no, it doesn't. hits the power lines again. >> that looked like a really bad relationship. a look at earth works in motion. >> uses twigs, rocks, the sand,
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>> see how it was all put together. >> really impressive! a wipeout that has oli and me excited. >> that was so cool! yes! >> took him out mid-air. the newest addition to olive garden's lunch duos menu paired with your choice of unlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99 think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian olive garden a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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closed captioning provided by -- just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at this video was put together by paul johnson in the minneapolis/st. paul area. it's clips capturing nature. some of it is modified, but it's still really, really pretty. >> i don't think snow falls in rings on trees but -- >> that is beautiful. >> right?
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>> winter it minneapolis in the fall. it is very cold and gray. but it's out of this element that has an art and beauty to it. >> think about how long it took him to do this. he had to find twigs that looked alike and make them uniform. find the right size stone to make the circle. >> it's very tricky. i like it. >> he said it took him one to two hours per clip to put all of this together. >> makes me feel good. >> yeah. >> makes me feel all warm inside that somebody has that type of creativity to put all these different elements together using the video camera to create this, he's basically used the earth as a canvas. >> yep. >> he is able to capture the warmth and light of life and transform it here. >> really the only thing you can
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johnson! babies learn to do some interesting things because of dads. dads who happen to watch "right this minute" and posted these videos on our "right this minute" facebook page. [ laughter ] >> you're welcome. you're welcome, mum. >> you're growing all of their motor functions. it helps. >> that's true. >> is she is bonding with daddy. >> the cheeks! the cheeks. they're so cute. you just want to kiss them. she is just adorable. oli has to make the sound that the daddy makes. see? this next one is adorable. baby carter. his mom posted this video of carter and dad playing werewolf. >> oh, my gosh! >> these moments are magical.
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because what that is is actually that first bit of communication. you feel like you're there, looking at each other, you're bonding. you're on the same plane. doesn't matter if you're making silly noises. what's up, little buddy? >> you're connected. >> yeah. he's ready to be part of the pack. [ dad howling ] take anything away from the three videos i'm about to show you, i want the takeaway to be stay away from lips. >> shoes and buildings? >> boys on bmx bikes. >> oh! took him out mid-air. >> i don't think there is that trick was supposed to go like that. >> i think they were trying to invent a new trick. >> what's the new trick? wipeout? >> either way i'm winning. let's take it to the snow.
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in the snow. he face-planted. >> clank! >> who put the target ball in the middle of the ski slope? last but certainly not least, another flip. [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> it's like he got a whole second of victory. >> yay! >> this one was heart-breaking because he goes over the wooden lip and comes down, everyone is cheering and just as he's comforted he gets wiped out by the tree. >> what is the this? maybe six inches? >> what did we learn today, fellows? >> stay away from lifts. >> yes! >> oh! it's a girlfriend surprise cam. >> no wonder he keeps doing it. great response every time. next on "right this minute." it has guilty written all over
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>> that rottweiler's name is denver. >> its new name is guilty. >> wait until you see the chaos denver created. >> he had a free-for-all. >> have you ever struggled with putting butter spread over your bread? >> why this one will butter you up. >> no! >> that is perfect! cking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, r nobunny knows easter better than cadbury. (rebecca) i've struggled with depression. i thought i needed cigarettes to cope. i was able to quit smoking. and then i started running.
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>> this is what we came home to. >> that rottweiler's name is denver. >> his new name is guilty. >> what are you doing? >> you have to give it to the other dog. the other dog looks like it's trying to play interference. >> doesn't work. >> denver! did you go in the garbage? >> i think it's evident that denver did go in the garbage. >> i just love guilty dogs. >> yeah. they're like -- >> they've got eyebrows suddenly. when they're really guilty! >> i'm sorry! >> the paw kicks back, right? they have that look. they know they've done wrong. garbage. >> look at the paw prints! >> you don't need csi to come figure out who did it. >> ooh! >> no wonder. >> wow! >> he had a free-for-all. >> you in the dog house, doggy. busted. >> they always say, the criminal usually always comes back to the
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this next dog demonstrates pavlov's theory. that's all it took. >> was that the cookie jar? >> that is the cookie jar, or the treat jar. >> you use it to your advantage. that's the trick you use when you need to get the dog in the car to go to the vet. >> the bone protector! >> what i'm going to do right now is a chance to grab this bone. let's see what happens. [ barking ] >> oh! [ barking ] >> ow! ow!
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this is photographer ryan boots. he is taking his illuminated kayak, his drone and his camera and he's gone into one of the world's largest river caves in laos. >> beautiful! >> i didn't know there were ill lum nated illuminated kayaks. how beautiful inside a cave with obstructions all around you and water. >> it's like a fantasy. somebody paddling down into the center of the earth. it's pretty incredible. >> some of the mineral formulations formations are 65 feet high. >> this is mother nature at her finest. >> it's like watching a trailer
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want to watch it. what to do when you're at the lie brary. we're going in the library to shave andrew's head. why they're making a bald statement! >> ah!
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the confounding and frustrating problem of butter. you keep it in the fridge, usually you keep it preserved. but when you need it it's rock solid. you can nerve ver put it on your bread easily. you should take it out a while before you use it. >> you just don't plan like that. >> how many of us have thrown it in the microwave and wound up with this soupy pool of fat? you get this heated up under hot water.
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glass for several minutes so the glass gets nice and warm. simply put the glass over top of the butter, let it sit for several minutes. the warm glass will radiate through the butter and get it just soft enough! >> no! >> that is perfect. it's like creating a little often for your butter, and you don't have to put the whole thing in there. you can just put a small portion. >> exactly. softens it up. now is it exactly the way you want it? maybe, maybe not. but it's good enough to get the butter spread over your bread. >> pretty cool, huh? the guys had a big day. crossed one million subscribers, so they went out to celebrate the same way all youtubers seem to do it. public humiliation. >> they're going to freak out people in public. >> i'll just get a hair cut today. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> what for? >> i don't know.
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>> then just -- start hammering away at his hair. much to the somewhat confusion of everybody at the table. >> i would have taken the clippers and helped the poor brother out. >> it happens. >> i can help you. >> okay. cool. >> she does it! >> i'm not sure what other reaction there could be, though, if you see somebody do this, do you go, no, don't, it's hair! you're not. it's hair. it will grow back. don't leave a mess, okay, that's kind of gross. >> that's the part that worries me. i don't want hair all over the place. >> a few different approaches. sometimes it's the surprise approach. he's sitting there in his beanie when suddenly -- >> no, no, no. he looks terrible. >> he starts straight up going into girls' dorms and knocking on doors. >> hi. >> hey.
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>> that's dangerous territory. you're going to get a face full of pepper spray. >> oddly enough he gets some love instead. that's one of his one million subscribers. >> good! this comes from superman here. [ laughing ] we get to see the finished product at the end. we'll see what happens when they hit two million subscribers. so many great videos, we can't stuff them all in one show so catch us on the next "right
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